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Catch Up Classes FashionLab - finish sewing your outfits for the end of term exhibition

Ok gang, a sustainable garment isn't sustainable if you don't finish sewing it and never wear it. You're wasting all of that super fabric that has been gifted to you by designers and wasted all of your new sewing and design skills. I know you agree.

As you know we're holding an exhibition of all of your work at our swish new Atlantic Court venue from 12th December onwards into the January term. We want your wonderfully sewn sustainable garments on display for everyone to see. Be proud of what you do, we definitely are!

That's why you must, must, must book your free catch up classes before you shoot off at the end of term. You can book into the designated Friday classes here or email for a space in a class either side of your regular weekend class or indeed book on any other FashionLab class. Remember if you're doing your catch up at 224a King's Road, you will have to bring your sewing with you.

A word of warning. I hate waste and so should you. If you leave your unfinished sewing here at the end of term, I will presume you aren't bothered and it will go into the circularity fabric bags for someone else to develop the sewing into a garment they will wear and thus making it sustainable again.

Please don't let any more waste ruin our wonderful planet!


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