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New Class: Parent and Pre-School Child Classes

"We know lots of you have 3-5 year olds who would love to learn sewing with their parent! I know I remember learning to sew with my mother and how I cherish the memories, I still have my little, er, ‘handbag’ I made when I was 4," Caroline Gration

Join Naomi for a bonding daytime sewing class as both you and your preschool child learn to sew a simple first garment or repair a current item of clothing together.

A morning full of skills learning and a lot of laughter!

All fabrics included (unless you want to bring your own!)

4 week course, 10 - 11am starting Wednesday 4 May 2022

You will learn how to do the following safely:

Cut fabric


Sew on a sewing machine

Hand sew

Either repair something you already have or learn to sew any of the following for your child:

Elasticated skirt

Elasticated shorts

Basic drawstring summer dress

Tote Bag (for you really)

Shoe bag


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