New Class: The Frame Art Club

I've been wanting to put on a really good art club for ages. Lockdown put it on hold and I've been trying to find someone who can teach a really solid creative base for children aged between 6 and 12. Anyway, I found Laura who runs The Frame Art Club! We're linking with Chelsea Arts Club who will judge the children's arty endeavours at the end of term too, so all very exciting.

Let me introduce The Frame Club to you! The Frame Club was founded in 2018 in Notting Hill and now it’s coming to us in Chelsea. The objective of The Frame Art Club is to give simple, fun and creative workshops during the school term. The children will explore their imagination while learning about art, design techniques and art history. In each session they will be introduced to a specific artist and their associated art movement, while they create their own artwork.

We will provide examples and give a step by step guidance to develop their technique and creativity. The Frame Art Club stimulates the children’s artistry and takes them on an exciting art history adventure. All materials will be provided by The Frame Club. It's £360 per term and your budding artist can do a trial session if you want a taster. All run by trained, qualified, experienced professionals and endorsed by Caroline.