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Wanted! Business Partner for The Fashion School

Hi there,

Are you looking for a fresh project or venture for 2022?

I’m looking for a super business partner to join us at The Fashion School to steer us as we expand and move forward.

I’m really good as a fashion creative. Children and teens are my favourite people and I have a brilliant idea with The Fashion School 6 -18 Ltd. I’m passionate about what I do, I have the best job ever and a great team around me.

Unfortunately I’m not so hot on the business side of things and as we grow, I find myself caught up with stuff I'm not so great with, rather than doing what I am good at.

It would be great to have a fresh pair of business eyes and someone to exchange ideas with as we steer the company through the new opportunities coming our way in 2022.

Is it you? Do you have a business background and share our sustainable and forward looking vision for The Fashion School 6-18 Ltd?

Do get in touch and we can discuss in more detail,

Caroline Gration


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