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What is an Arts Award?

For 11+ year olds.

The Arts Award is a qualification working on the same level as GCSE’s, recognised nationally by colleges and universities. Many schools are abandoning textiles as part of the government directive, so in light of this we have become what’s called an Arts Award centre and able to help you gain a qualification in something you love doing – fashion.

Arts Award is open to anyone aged 11+ in our:

Each programme is designed with the student in mind and reflects their individuality

The programme develops:

  • leadership

  • independent learning

  • communication skills

  • planning and review

  • fashion knowledge and understanding creativity

The programme prepares students for further education and employment

Students can gain a qualification doing what they love here at the school including fashion, sewing, design, textiles etc

Students need to attend one of our weekly term classes as well as enrol in the Arts Award

About the course

There is no time limit, however we encourage students to take one to two terms (approx. 13 – 26 weeks) to complete the programme (students can fast-track by doing a ‘Teen Fashion’ workshop)

The Arts Award can be completed within the students weekly lessons as well as at home, with additional private tutorials with their designated tutor. This is broken into:

  • Bronze: 4 x 15 minute one-to-one sessions

  • Silver: 6 x 15 minute one-to-one sessions

Your Arts Award trained tutor will guide and advise you during the whole process!

" For years I’ve been trying to find a way to reward our children/teens with a qualification for all the hard work they do here at The Fashion School. It’s such a tricky time for teens embarking on the new GCSE’s, and the Arts Award is such a great alternative for those who want to go into fashion or just really enjoy the subject and would like an additional qualification. 

Children/Teens – Doing an Arts Award at The Fashion School will give you the potential to expand on what you already do here. With support and one-to-one guidance you will be encouraged to work in a sketchbook, explore artists and designers that inspire you, create a project from concept to creation and be active in engaging with the Arts. We all know it can be difficult to find the subject you love at school and that’s why we love the Arts Award ethos that allows you to gain a qualification exploring your passion on your terms! ” 

Caroline Gration, Director of The Fashion School

The Arts Award Levels we offer

At the school we currently have two levels available – Bronze and Silver. We’d love to also offer Gold so do keep en eye out!

Parents – if your child is 14+ and fully committed we can start them on the Silver Award straight away.

Bronze Award (for 11+ yrs)

Working at the same standard as GCSE grades D–G/3–1


60 hours’ total qualification time maximum

  • review a fashion event

  • research a designer

  • pass on your fashion skills to others

Silver Award (recommended for 14+ yrs)

Working at the same standard as GCSE grades A*–C/9–4


95 hours’ total qualification time maximum

  • complete a fashion challenge

  • review fashion events

  • research fashion careers

  • develop leadership skills through running a design project

The Work Involved

Students need to be fully committed as the programme requires them to work independently and on the below components.


Documenting – it is very important for students to document their work and thought process – this can be within a sketchbook/ workbook:​

  • written or verbal diary logs

  • taking and annotating photographs of their work

  • making notes and keeping feedback from their Arts Award advisor

  • there’s also an online hub called ‘Arts Award on Voice‘ where students can get step-by-step guidance, find out what other young people did, see portfolios and get ideas and opportunities

  • reflection of strengths and weaknesses (Silver)

  • an action plan (Silver)

  • review of milestones and targets (Silver)

Trips – students must attend at least one fashion event. This can include:

  • fashion exhibitions, shows and galleries

  • we will also provide trips throughout the year which can be used towards an Arts Award (e.g. London Fashion Week Festival, Graduate Fashion Week, V&A etc)

  • reviews on artistic qualities and creative impact of the event (Silver)

Research – students must research into a designer who inspires them, including:

  • the work of the designer

  • what they’ve learnt about the designer’s career, life and work

  • conducting an interview with a designer (Silver)

  • we can also arrange for someone within the fashion industry to provide a talk/workshop at the school (Silver)

  • evidence of careers research (Silver)

Fashion skills – it is required for students to deliver a short presentation or discussion on the skills they’ve learnt, including:

  • an explanation of their project and why they chose it

  • how they passed their fashion skills to others with reflection

  • can be presented to as little as two people

Our Fees

Our fees cover the cost of providing the qualification:​​

  • cost of adviser training

  • moderation fees

  • private tutoring

  • admin costs

  • fashion industry talk with Q&A


Students need to attend one of our weekly term classes as well as enrol in the Arts Award. Sign up before the start of term!

Additional Arts Award individual tutorials are charged at £80 per session so do take advantage and make sure you attend the tutorials included within the price.


Not included:

Additional material costs will be the responsibility of the students.


This could include:

  • sketchbook(s)

  • art supplies

  • exhibition entry

  • fabric etc

Please do get in touch if you have any questions – we want as many of our students as possible to complete this amazing qualification!


Contact : Chelsea

Contact : Brighton

Choose your location for payment:

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