Parties for fashionistas!

 7 – 14 year olds 

Suspended until

further notice



we do love a fashion party

You can choose the length of the party to your budget, time availability and suitability for your child.


Parties are age specific and bespoke to your child and her pals, we can discuss this thoroughly when you book.


Our Chelsea hub is small and due

to social distancing measures the party can be a maximum of 6 children.


We can no longer allow food and cake to be brought onsite.


Parties finish promptly at the allotted time

Fashion Party Examples:

  • Make a pair of Liberty shorts, (3 hours min.)

  • Sew a simple Liberty Skirt (3 hours min.)

  • Design and make Liberty Summer Dresses, (3+ hours)

  • Make a Tote bag, (3 hours min.)

  • Make and decorate head bands, (2.5 hours min.)

£25.50 per child per hour


We can accommodate a maximum of 6 children


Our parties take place on Sundays from 2pm

Please use our booking form to enquire on availability 

Alternatively Email


Can’t find what you are looking for? 

We may be able to arrange something bespoke for you, just ask!

Want to bring food? 

We currently can not allow food to be brought and eaten onsite. We recommend making take-away bags.


We currently can not allow cakes to be brought and eaten onsite.


Parents/guardians are not needed to attend the party; we usually find the children respond better creatively when parents aren’t around.

Late Fees:

You must leave promptly at the pre-agreed time as staff are paid an hourly rate. This means if you are late leaving the premises our wonderful tutors are not being paid during that time. We’re sure you agree this is unfair, so we charge a fee of £30 if you are more than 5 mins late.


When you book a party with us, the main parent/guardian booking will be asked if we have permission to take photos and post them on our website and social media online. It’s important to note that this is granting permission for the entire group attending the party. It is the responsibility of the main parent/guardian booking to discuss this with the other parents/guardians involved and gain their consent.