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Caroline Gration, MA


"I was a very arty kid who loved style, but I couldn’t sew, and this frustrated me as I couldn’t manifest all of the designs I drew onto paper. Subsequently, I thought I could never be part of the fashion world I dreamed about.

The Fashion School is now 10+ years old, and my passion is based on my experience as a little girl. The concept danced around in my head for 10 years prior to opening in the back of my flat, while I worked within the industry as a designer, illustrator, design production manager, and consultant. My career spans over 35 years, plus another 6 years of education. Yep, that long! Much of that time was also spent as a senior and visiting fashion lecturer. I enjoyed the mix of industry and education and brought this ethos to the Fashion School. Creativity! Skills! Knowledge!

My children are both very grown up: Betty is a haematologist, and Céleste is a graphic designer at The Financial Times. I’ve always felt at my happiest now that they’ve grown, surrounded by the laughter of your children and teenagers as they build upon their skills, learning to sew, pattern cut, and make their sustainable ideas a reality. They help steer my ideas as we move forward together. Fashion means something different to each of your glorious young creatives, and I celebrate their individuality. Thanks to you, I have the best job ever."


Ellie Crafter

Studio Manager and Tutor

“Hi, I’m Ellie and I'm the Studio Manager at Chelsea and Brighton, and Tutor at Chelsea!

My fashion journey started when my grandma taught me to hand sew at 6. I attended sewing classes for a few years, where I discovered my passion for designing and making clothes. I studied GCSE and A Level Fashion & Textiles and afterwards, I completed a Foundation Diploma in Fashion Design at Morley College, Chelsea.

For the last 4 years whilst studying, I have worked in various aspects of the fashion industry, from Buying and Merchandising, to Design, Retail and Marketing. In my spare time, I enjoy customising clothing, and up-cycling old clothes, which I post on social media. I enjoy teaching all ages at the Fashion School how to develop their sewing skills, and improve my own knowledge too! “


Tshala Castle


"Hi all!! My name is Tshala, I have a degree in Fashion design (pattern cutting/ garment construction that I obtained at University of Sussex in 2018. I also previously attended London College of Fashion where I studied Surface Textiles for fashion print.

I have a passion for garment construction and print which I like to bring art and fashion together analysing how to showcase art with fashion in the most eye capturing way, which I produce for my own brand which includes fine art, pen and ink hand drawn on fabric and my art prints on garments I make with intent to be viewed as my art gallery. I also am a seamstress for a theatre company where I alter and construct the making of the garments.

Being a part of the making of theatrical garments is very fun and exciting as it brings a sense of freedom, youthfulness and imagination which also works hand in hand as being a tutor for the fashion school, I cover many of the children’s classes that include making costumes. I enjoy seeing the children freely designing what comes to their imagination, helping them to be their own creators and making their imagination become a reality of how they vision themselves!"


Tiana Esparon

Crochet and Sewing Tutor

I'm Tiana, a proud graduate of Kingston School of Art, with a specialization in knit and print. My journey in the world of design has been an exploration of color, texture, and bold fashion.This passion has led me to establish my own crochet brand called Sitrin, where I create a delightful array of funky crochet accessories, each reflecting my unique design sensibilities.Teaching is a calling that resonates deeply with me, as I'm driven by the desire to pass on my knowledge and ignite the creative spark in others.Join me on this exciting journey into the world of crochet, where we'll not only learn together but also revel in the vivid tapestry of color, the tactile beauty of textures, and the bold statements that fashion can make. Let's crochet our way into a world of boundless creativity and inspiration!


Jess Grech


“Hello! I’m Jess, I studied Fashion Design and Technology at Bournemouth Arts University in 2018. Since graduating I have worked in design, pattern cutting, 3D designer, and as a Buyer, having a broad knowledge of the fashion industry.  I launched my brand, The Grandad Company in 2020; a company dedicated to my Grandad’s style and morals. It’s a limited-edition upcycling brand, using my grandad’s beautiful clothing and combining it with the vintage clothing he would wear. My sustainable brand was stocked by Wolf and Badger in 2021 and is its biggest achievement so far.

I am thrilled to be back at The Fashion School, and can’t wait to share my knowledge of innovation, sustainability, and technical skills with the students. I aim to excite the students and push the boundaries of design with a sustainable solution. I would love to encourage a circular way of working, as this is the practice my brand is built on."


Jasmine Broadhurst


"Hello, I am Jasmine! I am currently a student at Central Saint Martins studying BA fashion design, specialising in both knitwear and creative computing.

As a past student of the fashion school, from the age 12, I fell in love with fashion. Caroline and the other tutors have been amazingly supportive through the years, and I gained a place at my dream university. Having been in the student’s position myself not too long ago, it is rewarding to be a part of their fashion journeys. Whether their goal is to study fashion at university or just to make a really stylish dress for a party.

In my own work I often explore digital tools, physical computing, and unique materials, taking a futuristic and experimental approach to fashion design.

Aside from my work at the fashion school I have experience interning for Ashley William’s knitwear department. As well as interning for a freelance designer creating custom garments for clients."


Tino Chafesuka, BA (Hons)


"Hey Ya'll! I’m Tino, a 2016 Fashion Design Graduate of Uni of East London. One of my proudest achievements so far was taking part in the biggest catwalk platform for students, Graduate Fashion Week and having my final year collection on the UK Vogue website.

I worked as a Digital Pattern Cutting Assistant for a year before venturing into the world of Retail. I have spent the last four years building relationships with customers.

I am passionate about promoting style and individuality as I make stuff under my own brand name TYC London, based on customized casual pieces and altered garments.

A lover of colour, all things cool and creative, The Summer Fashion School is a reminder of my creative journey.

I look forward to empowering the next generation of creators, showing them the skills to get there! :D"

You can view Tino's Portfolio here!


Jodie Glen-Martin, BA (Hons)

Threadheads/Quilting and Art Tutor

"Hi, I’m Jodie, an artist and maker with passion for colour, print and pattern. My career started in conservation working on historic design and artworks before moving to Tate where my focus changed to contemporary art.

During this time I was also creating my own work with my background inspiring me to combine traditional techniques and design with contemporary ideas and materials. My paintings and sculpture have been exhibited and sold across the world through galleries, art fairs and my website. I have also worked on commercial projects producing artwork for ceramics and premium skin care products.

More recently my journey with pattern and colour moved away from canvas and more towards textiles and my lifelong passion for quilting grew into an obsession. When both my cats had a patchwork cushion I started Threadheads, a beginners quilting group around my kitchen table. It became so popular I had to turn people away so I was thrilled to join The Fashion School in 2022 to introduce my skills and share my passion to a wider number of people.

In our beautiful quilting studio upstairs at The Fashion School we now run several introduction to quilting courses for adults and run quilting workshops with schools.

We have also set up The Chelsea Quilt Club where graduates of our courses as well as any other keen quilters, can drop in and meet like minded souls and swap tips, stories and fabric."


Ava Casali

Student Assistant

"I’m Ava I’m 14 years old  have loved fashion all my life. I’ve been at the fashion school for almost two years now. I’m currently working on a project in the fashion lab careers and focusing on a piece of lingerie. I started volunteering a few months ago because I want to aspire younger people. One thing I love about the fashion school is how sustainable they are. I think it’s really important to teach young people about fashion because they can create new and interesting ideas for the future."


Lyla Mills


"Hi I’m Lyla, I’m 14 and I’ve been studying at The Fashion School for 4 years. I’ve always loved fashion and I’m now able to bring my ideas to life. I’ve achieved my Silver Arts Award and I’m currently part of The Fashion Lab Careers class and also studying GCSE Textiles. I’ve experienced some amazing opportunities- attending workshops at Alexander McQueen and assisting backstage at LFW with Patrick McDowell. I love working at The Fashion School and really enjoy sharing my skills and passing on my knowledge to younger students."


Kamiah Espirit


"Hi, I'm Kamiah, an assistant at The Fashion School!

I studied Art & Textiles in both GCSE and A-Levels, then completed a UAL Level 4 Fashion Diploma at Morley College, Chelsea. Now, I am a student at London College of Fashion where I study Fashion Pattern Cutting. 

My journey with fashion initially started with a long-winded fascination for modelling, taking part in my first runway at the age of 13. Shortly after, my interest altered to focus on the design and production of clothes. 

Being at The Fashion School, I aim to be the person I wish I had growing up. Someone to help fuel creativity, turn sketches into 3D garments and support aspirations."


Join our Fashion Family


We’re always looking for talented tutors in Brighton to run our classes and workshops.

If you have a degree in Fashion/Textile Design and some experience teaching children, we would love to hear from you! Please email your CV and cover letter to Caroline.

The Fashion School are always welcoming young students who would like to take part in a structured internship programme.

You can take part in various roles, including:

  • Social Media

  • Public Relations

  • Marketing

  • Personal Assistant

If interested please email Caroline along with your CV and tell us what role you would like to take part in and why.

Teenage Work Experience

At The Fashion School, we have run work experience opportunities for over two years. We think that it is important that all students on our work experience scheme are kept busy with a varied agenda that will enhance their skills suited to their individual needs.

Please note: Some sewing machine experience is necessary to partake in our structured work experience programme.

You can either contact us direct or ask your school to do so. We have both public liability and employer’s insurance.

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