Tyrella Baker-Smith, BA (HONS)

Studio Manager | Tutor

“I graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a BA in Performance Costume. It was a varied course of designing, making and sourcing for theatre, film and television, with collaborative projects in the industry including the Edinburgh International Festival. With huge emphasis on textiles within my graduate projects, my varied graduate projects included seasonal print designs on theatrical shapes using old botanical illustrations for an immersive piece based on the Four Seasons, as well as redesigning Roald Dahls Revolting Rhymes as a TV series taking influence from Tim Burton and Tim Walker! There was always huge influence by fashion designers and trends within my work.

Alongside tutoring, I am planning to collaborate with a print designer to make a sustainably printed childrenswear brand! I believe that coming from a costume angle, I can push the students to achieve their real creative potential using unexpected and innovative shapes as well as branching out for their research and inspiration into different periods, film and culture, where one might not reach for first, when developing their own fashion designs.

The opportunity to tutor and help people realise their own ideas in a relaxed and rewarding environment is super exciting!”

   LIttle Fashion Creatives

   6 - 9 year olds

   Stylish Tweens

   9 - 12 year olds

   Teenage FashionLab

   13 - 18 year olds

Naomi Allsworth, BA (Hons)


“Hello! I’m Naomi, I studied Fashion Sportswear at the University of The Arts London and graduated with a First-Class Honours Degree in 2018. During my third year, I studied Fashion Styling and Phenomenology of Contemporary Art in Milan and worked as an Atelier for Hussein Chalayan.

Alongside my Fashion & Sportswear experience, I also spent four summers working as a costume designer and teacher at the French Woods Festival of Performing Arts in New York.

I have since produced my own collection of hiking gear, worked for NET-A-PORTER and I now Freelance for the Bear Grylls Survival Academy as an equipment specialist.

I am thrilled to be part of The Fashion School and can’t wait to share my knowledge and experienced with all students to develop their design & sewing abilities and encourage them to be creative and innovative in their work!”

   LIttle Fashion Creatives

   6 - 9 year olds

   Stylish Tweens

   9 - 12 year olds

   Ready to Wear

   7 - 12 year olds

Katrina Wilson


"Hi, I’m Katrina and I’m a fashion and print designer! I studied fashion design BA at Birmingham City Uni and then went onto study an MA at London College of Fashion. I absolutely loved studying fashion and creating my own collections. I’m very inspired by working in 3D with fabrics and like to create designs by draping fabric on a mannequin to experiment with shapes.

Since graduating I’ve been working as a designer for small luxury brands in London. I also have recently launched my own sustainable fashion brand KATRINA & RE which is inspired by upcycling and colourful prints.

I am so excited to tutor with The Fashion School and meet all the young creatives! My key skills that I can bring to teaching are…

  • Illustration & portfolio skills

  • Creating a colour palette and building a collection

  • Print design

  • Working with fabrics

  • Upcycling & designing with sustainability in mind"

Ella Marsh


"Hello, my name is Ella, I am a fashion and print designer and pattern cutter based in London. Previously I have studied and taught at Central Saint Martins and have spent time at a number of brands including Walter Van Beirendonck, Alexander McQueen and Bernhard Willhelm. I really admire the work being done at The Fashion School to engage with young audiences to promote a sustainable attitude towards clothing through education. Whether that be through providing the skills to design, make and mend their own clothing or promoting the necessity for knowledge needed to understand how our clothes came to be! This aligns with my personal approach to design and making whereby I aim to find sustainability focused solutions. I will be bringing with me a conscious approach to design and making, technical pattern cutting skills and lots of great references. I strongly believe fashion works best when there is a sense of fun and humour nestled in, something I ensure will be exercised in this year's Fashion School courses!"

Rose D'Ercole


"I have been working in fashion design and pattern cutting for the past seven years now. I was lucky enough to know very early on that fashion was the path I wanted to go down and started to learn pattern cutting as part of a V&A course when I was twelve and haven't stopped since then. I went on to study fine art and fashion design at A-Level and then completed my bachelor's degree at LCF in fashion design technology womenswear. Over the years I have worked for several brands here in London including Erdem, Christopher Kane and Alexander McQueen and have also show digitally as part of LFW with my brand Jean D’Ercole. I am a pioneer for sustainable pattern cutting and am always looking for new techniques. I am passionate about passing on my love for design and inspiring students from a young age to get involved with the technical side of things."

Maya Rutland


“I am a 20-year-old second-year student studying Fashion Design BA at the University of Westminster, specialising in menswear.

My love for design and fashion all started when I was once a student at The Fashion School in Brighton, around 7 years ago. Caroline taught me a lot of the knowledge I know today and now pass on to the students.

I like my own work to maintain a thorough consideration for sustainability and minimal waste, something that we highly encourage the students to think about as well.

My current projects have included textile/surface-based ideas, sculptural and form-finding men’s tailoring, as well as a sportswear inspired project.

As I am not too much older than some of the teens or older students, I love to see us as the new generation of fashion designers grow together and bounce off each other’s ideas.”

Céleste Thexton

Cover Tutor

“I have been involved with the creative and inspiring, The Fashion School, for over 5 years and I’ve adored every minute of it. Watching the many students develop their skills and creativity whilst retaining The Fashion School’s ‘every child is an individual’ ethos is truly rewarding.

I’m thrilled to be able to continue the experience of teaching into my life in London.

I am currently studying at Central Saint Martins and often incorporate my sewing skills and fashion knowledge into my projects. Arts and crafts has always been an area I have thrived in and my mother has always nurtured into my fashion learning.

It is really important to me that our students are enjoying their time here whilst discovering and developing their own individual styles through encouraging their creativeness and confidence.”

Ola Olayinka, BA (Hons), PGCE, FHEA

Programme Manager

“After studying Textile Design BA (Hons) at Central Saint Martins I was able to move to Paris and work at a textile design studio and archive, providing patterns and inspirations to various design houses.

Since moving back to London I’ve worked in production and e-commerce for independent brands and facilitated workshops in fashion and textile processes such as 3D printing, digital & hand embroidery, for children and adults.

Currently I work as a designer maker for my own brand of accessories, ‘OlaOla, where I design the fabrics and develop all the bags and accessories. I’m also an Associate Lecturer at the University of The Arts London.

I started working at The Fashion School Chelsea during their London pop-ups in 2018 and I’m happy to be a part of this exciting opportunity. I hope my knowledge and experience in textiles, teaching, fashion and business will be beneficial in inspiring and encouraging the students and their creativity.”

Join our Fashion Family


We’re always looking for talented tutors in Brighton to run our classes and workshops.

If you have a degree in Fashion/Textile Design and some experience teaching children, we would love to hear from you! Please email your CV and cover letter to Caroline.

The Fashion School are always welcoming young students who would like to take part in a structured internship programme.

You can take part in various roles, including:

  • Social Media

  • Public Relations

  • Marketing

  • Personal Assistant

If interested please email Caroline along with your CV and tell us what role you would like to take part in and why.

Teenage Work Experience

At The Fashion School, we have run work experience opportunities for over two years. We think that it is important that all students on our work experience scheme are kept busy with a varied agenda that will enhance their skills suited to their individual needs.

Please note: Some sewing machine experience is necessary to partake in our structured work experience programme.

You can either contact us direct or ask your school to do so. We have both public liability and employer’s insurance.