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Caroline Gration on Evening Standard Net Zero 2030

Our director, Caroline Gration joined our Chelsea landlord, Cadogan, as part of a panel discussing how London can meet net-zero goals and build back more sustainably post-pandemic-as part of the London Rising Green Recovery event.

"How can London build back more sustainably post-pandemic? We read a lot about a shift in mindset, but has there been a genuine change/commitment to greener thinking, which will help to bring communities closer in achieving vital ‘green’ goals faster?

The international Paris Agreement states we need to be net zero by 2050, but the next decade is the most important in turning the tide on global emissions and preventing irreversible catastrophic climate change. To this end, there has been a tidal wave of organisations, cities, and communities targeting net zero emissions by 2030. One of these is Cadogan. "


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