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Fun Scrap Sewing Projects

Do you have loads of odd bits of fabric left from the end of the term? We’ve come up with a couple of fun mini sewing projects that use odd ends to create unique accessories. All are suitable for beginners and children. You can add them to your winter wardrobe or gift to a friend. It's a fun way to experiment with different materials, learn new techniques and reduce overall fabric waste. Win win!

Christmasfy Your Jumper Workshop

This one is great for all ages! Make your uniform or clothing more festive by sewing small removable touches to your jumper that can be taken off if desired after the New Year.

Brighton folks, join us at the Open Market to get inspiration and Christmasfy any item of clothing on Sunday 19th December.

Macrame Bag

This bag is a perfect project for beginners and children as it doesn’t require a sewing machine. Just use your hands! Made from strips of old sports t-shirts, the tote is stretchy with loads of space to fill. Once you get into the rhythm of tying the knots it becomes very theraputic.

Brighton folks, join us at the Open Market and make your own macramé bag on Sat 20h February.

Reversible Collar

This cute collar is the perfect accessory, designed to be reversible for endless outfit combinations! The quilting adds dimension making it sturdier and more cosy for winter. Quilting is great for transforming a fabric you are bored with. Add a bow and lace detailing to complete the look. Fun to wear with just about anything.

Fleece Mittens

Just in time for the colder months, this mitten sewing project is guaranteed to keep your hands warm all winter. Made using 3 separate panels, mix and match different scraps to create your own colour combination.

Check out our other workshops here to find more ways to use up scrap ends. Have fun and happy sewing!


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