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New Podcast : Katie Hopkins. New Talent Fashion

Do you ever worry that the fashion industry is full of nasty people waiting to rip you off and throw you out? Worry not, today we’re interviewing the vibrant Katie Hopkins, only a year out of university who’s now the Education, Communications and Events Manager at New Talent Fashion.

We discuss how most people in the industry are approachable. Characters that you can have a chat and a laugh with as you work hard and successfully in a career you feel so passionately about. If they’re not then they’re still living in the past and still possess a mindset from the fashion dark ages and no longer relevant today.

Listen in and enjoy hearing about Katie's own experiences.

Katie’s agency is a platform to empower and showcase new fashion talent, connecting creatives, graduates, and students with the fashion industry. Their support is extended through two subscription services – the Student Hub, a unique service for partners and education, and NTF Exclusive, a targeted solution for professionals to learn, progress, and stay informed on the ever-changing industry.

@Kateh_ @newtalentfashion @thefashionschooluk


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