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Ollie Vilcans Moody. Brand Business Partner / Primark Cares / Ethics and Sustainability

Ollie's history is in creative and VM (visual merchandising) project management. His roles have included fixture and concept design, fashion communication, window schemes and mannequin management.

As a young person wanting to go into fashion you might not be familiar with those roles but if you tap 'jobs in fashion' in your search engine you'll see more exciting fashion jobs in these areas, outside of the 'fashion designer' role.

Ollie's story is such an unusual one and what a lovely guy. How does a boy who studied BA Menswear at Central St Martins end up switching courses to BA Fine Art and is now at a very important job?

Many of you know I approached Primark Cares to offer 'no buy incentive' and completely free customisation workshops. I could see the influence they have over children from all backgrounds and how we could harness this to create a youth club feel whilst the teens took charge of their own sustainable wardrobe at a roots level.

The team at Primark were so positive, totally up for it and you should see what the children have created from what they already have!

As you can well imagine, Ollie's potential podcast created more interest and well-considered questions coming forth from teens than any other, thanks, everyone!


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