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Catch-up Classes for Autumn Term 2022 - Chelsea

What is a catch-up class?

A catch-up class is a replacement class for a missed class. These classes are only for students who have booked onto our autumn term weekly classes.

We do ask that you try and commit to coming to all the classes you've booked but we understand occasionally that is not possible. We can offer only two catch-up classes a term for anyone who has signed up for 8- 12 classes. This reduces to one catch-up class for anyone who joins midterm (4 - 7 classes.)

Your catch-up classes must happen during the term and can not be carried over to the next term, or be given as a credit, so please book them in advance.

Please read our booking and cancellation policy for more details.

To book a catch-up class please click on the suitable class and find an upcoming date.

Catch-up classes take place in similar classes which have availability. We recommend that you book a catch-up class as soon as possible so you are more likely to get the class time of your preference.

Book a catch-up class:


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