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Alexander McQueen Illustration Workshop

We’ve had the luxury of being invited to hold a series of 4 small workshops in the exhibition space at Alexander McQueen flagship on Old Bond St. We wanted the children to learn to really look at garments and spend some time experimenting with observational drawing to train their eye to make informed detailing choices in their own work, almost a precursor to attempting a schematic drawing and an extraordinary skill. All quite a different approach to their usual free and expressionist sketches in class, but they got the just right away. The children all submitted a series of project work in order to gain a place on a workshop and they all worked so hard.

The 11-15 year old young creatives lived in an escapist luxury bubble as were informed of every process from conception to runway by the wonderful Kudi who pitched her presentation perfectly. The children then analysed chosen garments recording every detail as if they were forensic scientists or crime scene reporters. They carefully counted pin tucks, frills, recording hand embellishment, collars, lapel and angle of seams, understanding bias cut and the importance of research, development and mistakes. This wouldn’t have happened without Sarah Mower pointing the company our way. Thanks so very much for the vision and the support. Thanks to everyone at Alexander McQueen and especially Cavan and Kudi who worked so hard to get this project off the ground for us. Just beyond kindness and trust in what we do. The children will never forget such an informative and special day.


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