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New Podcast : Louis-Christian Pendegrass. Apprenticeships

Want to get into fashion but don't want to be saddled with a £35,000 debt and possibly no job once you finish your degree? Well, an apprenticeship might be the viable answer for you.

These days apprenticeships are exciting, relevant and get you straight into a fashion brand from the very start. The employment rate is very high as companies teach you the skills they need, so it makes sense to keep you on once your apprenticeship training has ended.

We're very fortunate to talk with someone who knows all about them. Louis-Christian Pendegrass is a lecturer in Fashion & Textiles for Apprenticeships levels 2 to 5 at Fashion-Enter / Fashion Capital and he's going to tell us all about apprenticeships, how he got into fashion, his own rich industry experience and of course answer to all of your questions!


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