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Recap: Primark X The Fashion School Customisation Workshop

It happened!! Our dream to bring no-buy customisation to pre loved garments for ALL children not just the lucky few! Love these photos. (Click through the slideshow.)

Thanks to @by_olaola @lady_swainie @ollievil @millie_is_making @leahjd who enabled a 2 hour free pop-up workshop at Primark Westfield Shepherd’s Bush.

Glueing, heat press, sewing needles and embroidery wheels a go-go. No sewing machines on this pilot occasion and it worked really well as many kids don’t have access to one at home. The ‘studio’ was buzzing with excited teenagers using their old clothing (including a high vis jacket, spangly dresses) and stuff we’d had in cupboards for years. No donated fabric deadstock was used at all (and that’s ring fenced for TFS) as we encouraged the teens to think about what they had in their wardrobes and mash it up. The kid’s work is on display in @primark by the escalators until Nov 15th and we’re so proud of them. Next stop Brighton I think and then above and beyond 💥⭐️☄️


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