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What’s a toile and how do you spell bralette?!

What’s this in the photos? Sophie tutor’s ‘toile’ for a bralette (never sure how to spell that) pattern, that’s what!

This is how we work out pattern blocks for all our students, nothing generic - all bespoke for the needs of our young creatives. This pattern will form the base of a tailoring project based around Alexander McQueen. I know you’re thinking, where’s the tailoring in that bralette but wait and see what the 11 - 16 come up with in July.

What’s a toile? Aha! In this instance a toile is an early version of a finished garment made up in deadstock material so the design can be tested and perfected. We rarely ‘finish’ a toile when we prepare patterns and the start of the design process as we like to experiment with the shape, detail and proportion.


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