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New Podcast : Maya Rutland. Menswear Student at Westminster University

Have you thought about menswear in fashion? Men make up half the planet so if you want to learn more about fashion, then you need to know more about menswear!

Today I'm talking with Maya Rutland who's at the end of her 2nd year on her Menswear BA at Westminster University - one of the top places in the UK if you want to study the subject and pursue a career in such a vast and important area of fashion. Plus, it's exciting!

I've known Maya since she was a schoolgirl and had just started at Dorothy Stringer School in Brighton. Always level-headed, measured and very creative in all areas of art and design. Maya had the ability to choose whichever discipline she wanted, I thought she might go into jewellery, just goes to show how little I know! Listen in as Maya lets you into her world and tells you what it's like to study menswear.


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