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The Fashion School Community Interest Company.

The Fashion School cares deeply about all our children. Our aim is to provide sustainable and positive fashion education to as many kids and young creatives as possible in our wider neighbourhoods.

We know from experience that reaching out to all our local families and services encourages happier children as they grow up to create a better world. We already offer some discretionary subsidised places, but want to reach out as far as we can. If we can be of use, we want to be involved. This has always been at our core, we’re non profit making and now we want to build on what we’ve started.

We’re looking to further our collaboration with social services, community groups, hospitals, schools and just about anywhere where we can benefit someone’s life. I know from my own family background how vital social mobility is and to give every child a chance to succeed and give back to society.

Everyone should have the opportunity to learn new lifelong making skills, explore their creativity, build their confidence and improve their well being. All in a positive and authentic environment run by passionate qualified people who love teaching sustainable fashion to young creatives. Let’s instill a sense of future in all our neighbourhood kids.

The Fashion School is part of a drive to create a more even inclusive society and continue to do our bit to stop unethical and very dodgy fast fashion by educating the children and providing more positive choices. Who doesn’t want that?

As I’m writing this, I’m sure you feel the same, especially when you see the statistics for children living in poverty in our neighbourhoods below. There are so many children and young creatives living within our communities, talent and ambition comes from every sector of society and it needs to be seen and heard.

Here’s the grim statistics from the London boroughs and Brighton where we have studios. They are all completely shameful but the fact that Kensington and Chelsea is also one of the wealthiest boroughs in 2021 is beyond shocking

Children currently living in poverty in our neighbourhoods: Kensington & Chelsea 37.3% Brighton 28.4% Newham 52%

We are looking for further funding. If you feel you can help us as we look for grants/ funding to help us start our projects as we bring children and young creatives together. Maybe you have an idea or a connection? You’re like our big family and we would love you to be part of this. It’s beyond amazing that Cadogan Estate have always given us their kind support and Get Living has invited us to be part of East Village in the new positive fashion quarter in Stratford. (Our neighbours in E20 will be British Fashion Council, LCF and the V&A)

Chelsea needs a bigger space, more facilities and machinery to accommodate all we intend to do within the community. A larger space would mean we could reach out to the wider community and specialist machinery would mean we could encourage a wider range of children to explore a wider opportunities within fashion, from knitwear to millinery

Stratford is opening in September 2020 (fingers crossed very tightly!) and we will need specialist equipment, machinery to support our new community venture as we link up with local youth groups, schools, BFC Positive Fashion.

Brighton currently has enough space but we need funding for machinery and fresh facilities to enable us to create collaborative projects with the neighbourhood children, council and community groups.

Let me know if you think you might be interested in being part of this, it would be fantastic to have you onboard!

TESTIMONIAL “You’ve delivered the classes extremely well given the incredibly unusual circumstances. I know that ‘virtual teaching’ was new for you but your patience, humour and pragmatism has really helped Ravi adapt to the way the classes were being delivered. He has enjoyed the classes and stayed engaged and will very soon have a unique pair of jeans thanks to your teaching! The pandemic has been difficult for everyone. Having your online sewing classes has been great for Ravi to provide some consistency and stability during these unpredictable times.”

- Parul, Ravi’s Mother


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